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Before you think we're naively trying to convince you that your marriage should remain in an infancy stage, hear us out. Having a newlywed mindset means so much more!

Being newlywed is EXCITING

Almost everything the first year is novel, the sex is great (if it's not yet, just keep communicating and practicing!), your world tends to revolve around love, and it just FEELS good having arrived at this milestone. But feelings are fleeting. So what do you do when things start to become routine or life gets in the way?

One day you easily connected with your spouse and the next you've fallen asleep reading your book without a thought of saying goodnight.

Having a newlywed mindset isn't all about the ecstasy feelings.

In fact, the feelings that come when you grow in intimacy over time are far richer and more dynamic. Having a newlywed mindset is about remembering how being purposeful leads to joy, deeper connection and oneness — much like it does during the newlywed phase.

Having a newlywed mindset is achievable in all seasons of marriage.

No matter where you are in your relationship, we want to encourage and equip you to Stay Newlywed! Let's start this journey by telling us where we are meeting you:

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